Owner of Nox + Quills Creative: Danielle Cooley

About Me

Hi I'm Danielle, the owner of Nox + Quills Creative.  My passion is creating branding & design for small business owners that reflects the business they aspire to be in a simple and modern way. My ultimate goal is to make you something that fits your unique style while also creating a genuine connection with you.  I feel this is a necessity because I want to create something that reflects the very heart behind your business’ intent.  My degree is in Graphic Design and I’ve been creating graphics for over 7 years now.  Within that time, I have found that I absolutely love working with small businesses that have a desire to launch their dreams or that are simply just in need of an upgrade, and I’m convinced it all begins with having an amazing graphic!  

You may be asking yourself, what the heck does ‘Nox and Quills’ mean?  Well, I named my company that because “Nox” is a spell used in Harry Potter, and it is also the name of the Roman Goddess of the Night; and “Quills” because of my love for hedgehogs!  Now you all know that I have a nerdy side… but hey, that just comes with the nature of being creative!  When I’m not designing, you can find me cuddling with my hedgehog Ember, binge watching some Netflix with my husband, or hanging out at the library in search of new reading material.  

You can work with me now by contacting me here or if you just want to say hi you can sen me an email at danielle@noxandquillscreative.com.  I’d love to hear from you!  If you still need convincing you can also take a peek at some of my previous projects I've worked on by clicking the link below.